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"Life is a constant process of creating and recreating oneself."

As someone who had to "come out", I think this is especially true for myself.

Creative expression has long helped me navigate the ever-evolving landscape of my own self expression. As a kid, I was curious about high heels and nail polish, before I really understood the context of either of those things. And now, I challenge myself to push the boundaries of conventional "men's fashion" and "women's fashion". In this pursuit, I've found that many garments can exist in either or both spaces. (Like the pic above, where both the pants and vest I thrifted from the women's section).

It's this fluidity that led me to create Atlas and inspired me to design nonbinary accessories. I set out to prove that quality jewelry can be affordable and that unique designs can be for anyone. Rather than creating men's jewelry or women's jewelry, it is my goal to create Your jewelry - pieces that will resonate on an individual level.

I believe that what you wear can be a valuable form of self expression. And so, these pieces are more than just accessories. Each piece has a story - an inspiration - and each piece is created to become a part of Your story.

It is my hope that You will find something that resonates with You and Your story - something that inspires Your journey.