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The Atlas necklace is inspired by everywhere you've gone and everywhere you're going. Our signature necklace design has two gold charms: a world map coin and a guiding compass. Take this piece wherever you go, infuse it with memories, and make it truly your own!

  • 20" + 2" adjustable tail for the perfect fit
  • 18k gold filled chain
  • 100x more gold than gold plated
  • Highly tarnish/fade resistant
  • Gold bathed pendants

Take your Atlas pieces wherever your journey takes you!

However, to keep your jewelry in top condition and avoid tarnishing, take off your Atlas pieces when swimming, showering or sweating.

Keep exploring!

Tired of paying for gold plated jewelry that fades? Yeah, so are we.

We’ve worked tirelessly with our manufacturers to design gold filled jewelry at a price that won’t break the bank. What is gold filled, you ask?

  •       100x more gold than gold plated jewelry
  •       No color flaking or skin irritation
  •       Highly tarnish resistant
  •       Nickel and lead free

With the proper care, these pieces will last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? No more gold plated jewelry that doesn’t last—it’s time to upgrade.


Only 3 left in stock!

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