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New Moon, New Opportunities

New Moon, New Opportunities

August 31, 2021

Our Phases collection is inspired by the lunar cycle and the phases we pass through in our own lives.

For Pat and I, Atlas has become a pivotal part of our journey as friends and now business partners. Like a new moon, Atlas was a symbol of an exciting new venture for us. It was a way for us to grow our passions as artists and entrepreneurs, an opportunity to learn new skills and overcome challenges, and a lesson on betting on ourselves and trusting each other.

Whether you believe in fate, or astrology, or simply luck, Pat and I look back on our first conversation about starting a business together and can’t help but think that it was more than just coincidence. The universe brought us together as friends and teammates, then, the stars aligned again and so began our story with Atlas.

Phases represents the various ways in which we grow as individuals. It represents the constant invention and reinvention of ourselves as we move closer to creating our most authentic self. And it is a nod to the opportunities in life which seem too perfect to simply be a matter of luck—the rare experiences that are, perhaps, somehow a result of the power of the universe. 

Inspired by the celestial body which dictates the rise and fall of our oceans’ tides, stabilizes our seasons, and, perhaps, even affects our own astrology. Just as the moon cycles through its phases, so too do we move through our own life’s chapters, constantly changing and growing into newer, more authentic versions of ourselves.