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The Ebb and Flow of Life

The Ebb and Flow of Life
For Pat and I, the Momentum collection represents our journey as friends, teammates, and business partners. 

In the fall of 2013, our paths first crossed as eager freshmen at the University of Michigan. At the time, we had no idea that a fleeting introduction would soon become a life-long friendship.

We parted ways but met again a year later—this time as teammates on the varsity cheer team. In the three years that followed, we became close friends, trusting teammates, and even stunt partners. We went on to travel for football games, March Madness tournaments, and even won three national championships together. 

But come graduation, it was time yet again for us to part ways. Pat was off to San Francisco with a job offer in the Bay Area and I was headed to Asia to travel and experience new cultures. We of course stayed in touch but our friendship was now at a distance. 

We continued down our separate paths, but at the end of 2019, we found our lives converging once again. In a small pho restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown, Pat and I reconnected and shared stories of travel, musicianship, corporate life, and modeling. We talked about the places we had been, the places we wanted to go, and the goals we had yet to accomplish—it was then that the idea of Atlas was born.

In 2020, we set our sights on creating a business inspired by our stories as artists and friends and fueled by the idea of creating a life for ourselves outside of the typical “9-to-5”. 

It has been more than a year since we started writing the story of Atlas and we can’t thank you enough for helping to bring our dreams to life! It’s our hope that this new momentum collection resonates with a part of your own journey and that it inspires you to keep moving, through the ebbs and flows of life, and always forward.